Getting Started with Android Development

I’ve been asked many time to explain how I’ve learned Android Development. And I’ve always answered that the official ressources on the Android Developers site associated with the “Professional Android 2 Application Development” book have been perfect for me.

But here is the nearly perfect blog post you should read : Getting Started with Android Development, by Jean Hsu.

And to begin with, got to the Android SDK download page.


edit: fixed URL, added direct link to SDK download page

Android official ressources

The official Android Developer website really is THE perfect place for anything related to Java development for Android (*), and it is regularly updated !

You should start with the Android Basics in the Android Dev Guide, that will give you an initial overview of the platform.

Then, you can follow the Tutorials in the Developers Resources, after what you would be able to look at the Sample Code in the same place.

Personally, I also did a complete survey of the Developer Blog that is full of good idea. I am now following it through RSS feeds, but some of those good technical advice can also be found in the Technical Resources->Articles section, in the Common Tasks and in various FAQs.

Last but not least, if you like, you could also follow some of the Google I/O conferences and other related interviews on the Videos section.

I also love to look twice a month at the charts of Android Versions showing how new platform API are spreading, which can help you choose the API level you want to be compatible with (edit: chart updated in April 2011) :

Android Versions ChartSince the beginning (December 2009), I’ve decided to stick to Android >=2.0 (API level 5) and now Android 2.1+ represents more than 80% of the active devices (edit: now more than 90% at the time of the chart upload).


Bienvenue sur ce blog, destiné à retracer mes aventures de développeur et d’utilisateur d’Android (*).

J’y transcrirai (**) au fil de l’eau mes impressions, mes découvertes et mes favoris concernant les applications, les sources d’informations et les ressources intéressantes que j’utilise et que je recommande.

A bientôt,

* Android n’est qu’un prétexte et un fil conducteur pour explorer de nombreux autres sujets de développement !
** J’utiliserai probablement (***) l’anglais pour traiter de certains sujets techniques étant donné que c’est la langue dans laquelle se font tous les échanges sur les forums techniques que je fréquente occasionnellement

*** Finalement je bascule le blog entièrement en anglais en passant à WordPress 3.3.1 (le 07/04/2011)

**** J’ai finalement détaillé mes objectifs pour ce Blog (en anglais) qui peuvent vous permettre de mieux comprendre ce que vous pourriez en attendre.