Unreal Engine 4.1 Git Plugin alpha

So at last I’ve started implementing an open source C++ Git Source Control Plugin (Github) for Unreal Engine 4.1.

For know it is barely a Windows only “pre-alpha v0.0” version. It does only provide overlay icons to show status of your project content assets.

But it’s a start, and it will soon become more useful, I’ll keep you informed on the forums.

Edit 2014/05/17: UE4 Git Plugin alpha v0.1 released, with history log, revert, add and delete. Still no diff (next step) nor commit.

Edit 2014/05/20: UE4 Git Plugin alpha v0.2 released, with diff fully working. Still no commit (next/last big step) but know really useful for anyone using Git.

Edit 2014/05/21: UE4 Git Plugin alpha v0.3 released, with commit working for small batch of files.
As its quickly reaching completion, I’ve started a dedicated new thread on the “Engine Source & GitHub” section (still not ready for the more general “Tools” section I think).

Edit 2014/05/30: UE4 Git Plugin alpha v0.4 released, with many bug fixes and improvements to usability.
I’ve started to use it “for real” in my own small projects.
As I see it, I will move on “Beta” for the next version, to reflect this increased stability.
Please let me know if you try it, an report any bug or missing feature.