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Git Plugin v2.2 for Unreal Engine 4.17

I have just released a new v2.2 of the Git Source Control Provider plugin for Unreal Engine 4.17 with many bugfixes backported from upcoming UE versions! I am often asked if I still work on it, so I figured that I … Continue reading

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Joining Unreal Engine 4 team for GDC 2016 in San Francisco!

I am so excited to announce that I am joining the Unreal Engine 4 team to attend the Game Developers Conference (GDC, Moscone Center in San Francisco, March 14-18 2016) as a community member (with 9 other great people of … Continue reading

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Android NDK r10e and Standalone Toolchain on Ubuntu 14.04

This is an update on my previous post about Android NDK Standalone Toolchain on Ubuntu, so have a look to it for better understanding. We will see basic setup of the SDK & NDK. We will generate a standalone toolchain, … Continue reading

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Unreal Engine 4.7 Released with my Git Source Control plugin!

Great news, Unreal Engine 4.7 has been released with my Git Source Control Provider plugin! Epic would like to especially thank community member Sébastien Rombauts for contributing his Git source control plugin to Unreal Engine for this release. Amazing work! Thanks to … Continue reading

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Unreal Engine 4.1 Git Plugin alpha

So at last I’ve started implementing an open source C++ Git Source Control Plugin (Github) for Unreal Engine 4.1. For know it is barely a Windows only “pre-alpha v0.0” version. It does only provide overlay icons to show status of your project content assets. … Continue reading

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Why I switched from Mercurial to Git

After a few month using Mercurial (see my blog post from a year ago Mercurial to replace SVN) I switched to Git. I’ve always been tempted to use Git, since this Tech Talk by Linus Torvalds in May 3, 2007. … Continue reading

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Objectives of this blog

My goals for this blog has never been really clear for me. I bought the domain name when I registered as a Google Android Developer only because a Web site address was required for application publishing, and I though it would be … Continue reading

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Cyanogen Mod 7 – Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread

It has been a long time since the announcement of Gingerbread, last year in December, and still no official update for our phones here in Europe. I definitely want to test the NativeActivity I’ve spoken before, and I would like … Continue reading

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Adding a “What’s New” screen to your Android application

In some case, you want users of your application to explicitly approve a License before being able to use your software. Adding an EULA (End User License Agreement) screen (a Dialog) to pop at the first start of an Android Java Application, is … Continue reading

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CMake for Android

Last time, we’ve seen how to install and test the standalone toolchain of the NDK to build a native shared library with a standard Makefile & make command under Linux. But nowadays, many open source libraries and projects does not … Continue reading

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Ogre3D to Android

I’ve started to read a lot about Ogre3D, the open-source Object Oriented 3D Engine, which I’ve always considered to be a really interesting subject. This was triggered by a comment about ongoing effort to port of Ogre3D to Android ! This interest is … Continue reading

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Standalone toolchain

Since the revision 5 of the Native Development Kit previously discussed, the NDK can be customized to obtain a standard GCC cross compiler toolchain. This means that you can use it with standard Makefile and make command, or with more sophisticated build … Continue reading

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Android 2.3 NativeActivity

At each platform API revision, the C native APIs are growing, giving access to new native library, and bringing each time more functionalities to the low level world of C/C++. At this point, they are starting to look mature enough for … Continue reading

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Mercurial to replace SVN

For what I’ve seen in the last few month, it seems that Mercurial (Hg) is a Distributed Version Control System (DVCS, or Distributed Source Code Management) that is becoming to replace Subversion (SVN) in many Open Source projects… at least when … Continue reading

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Android Market on the Web

The Android Market is now fully on the Web. It allows you to browse, to buy, but also to push applications directly on your mobile! From a developer perspective, this means that: when publishing a new version of your application … Continue reading

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Android Native Development Kit

Android 2.3 Gingerbread has been announced, and what I find the most interesting in it is related to the Native Development KIT (NDK) coming with it; the NDK r5. The new API level 9 of Android 2.3 brings with it a “Native … Continue reading

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Mind The Robot

I’ve discovered, through the Android Dev Blog, this great Android Blog called Mind The Robot Through all his tutorials, Ivan provides us with a lot of explanation, some good advices and many useful insights of the Android platform. I’ve followed successfully … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Android Development

I’ve been asked many time to explain how I’ve learned Android Development. And I’ve always answered that the official ressources on the Android Developers site associated with the “Professional Android 2 Application Development” book have been perfect for me. But … Continue reading

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Android official ressources

The official Android Developer website really is THE perfect place for anything related to Java development for Android (*), and it is regularly updated ! You should start with the Android Basics in the Android Dev Guide, that will give you an … Continue reading

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Welcome to this little blog, where I would like to share, as a developer, some of my experiences in Android development. See you, SRombauts edit: look at my objectives for this Blog to understand what you could expect of me.

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