Ogre3D to Android

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I’ve started to read a lot about Ogre3D, the open-source Object Oriented 3D Engine, which I’ve always considered to be a really interesting subject. This was triggered by a comment about ongoing effort to port of Ogre3D to Android !

This interest is going far beyond what I expected… I’ve begun by following the Ogre Basic Tutorials, and I’ve already done some tests with elements from the more advanced Tutorials, regarding the in-code mesh generation, and then terrain management and paging management! I’ve followed this path into looking to environment generators, like Ogre SkyX (sky) and Hydrax (water). I was sorry not to found any open-source outstanding project for plants, foliage and vegetation management 🙁

I was disappointed to see that the Ogre port to Android does not seems to be in a good shape; a least there was not much discussion on this recently, and there is no good documentation on how to proceed with the Android NDK :

For me, its kind of a very interesting challenge: I would like to improve the documentation on all this, a least to the point where I can bring it (I do not have much time for this).

First of all, I needed to read some more about the standard process for building Ogre with CMake:

My first step will be to compile a minimal (monothreaded without Boost) Ogre 1.8 (unstable) from source for Linux: