Objectives of this blog

My goals for this blog has never been really clear for me. I bought the domain name when I registered as a Google Android Developer only because a Web site address was required for application publishing, and I though it would be fun to share some experience. I started to write it in French

At the beginning, I did not use this blog frequently, and not the way I had expected. Lately I’ve became more active on it since I’ve discovered that what I was seeking was not sharing general though on Android, but only on some development related topic. What I like most to share are Howtos, Tutorials or easy to use Samples, and more specifically on subject that are not well documented or explored elsewhere (I like “terra incognita”)

During the last few months I’ve realized that, since I like C and love working with C++, the NDK would be the next world to discover (after playing with SDK last year). Since December, I was waiting for Gingerbread and its NativeActivity, but I’ve started to use the new revision of the NDK, r5b that goes a step further in supporting C++. I’ve also been interested on being able to porting some existing (open- or closed-)  source code, like Ogre 3D, with build tools like CMake for Android on Standalone Toolchain.

Since all the resource I use for my research and all the forum I follow are in English, I’ve switched in April to a full English blog, and rewrote everything (not much at this time).

And trying to improve the quality of my posts is teaching me a lot of tips and tricks and give me some additional fun! Now, I would like to improve the visibility of all this materials I’ve assembled, to get some feedback on my work on it 🙂

Now that I’ve switched to Gingerbread, stay tuned for more experiments!


edit: how, and one more thing, this blog is not intended to be a step by step introduction on development on Android for beginners, there are plenty of official resources for that.

Getting Started with Android Development

I’ve been asked many time to explain how I’ve learned Android Development. And I’ve always answered that the official ressources on the Android Developers site associated with the “Professional Android 2 Application Development” book have been perfect for me.

But here is the nearly perfect blog post you should read : Getting Started with Android Development, by Jean Hsu.

And to begin with, got to the Android SDK download page.


edit: fixed URL, added direct link to SDK download page


Bienvenue sur ce blog, destiné à retracer mes aventures de développeur et d’utilisateur d’Android (*).

J’y transcrirai (**) au fil de l’eau mes impressions, mes découvertes et mes favoris concernant les applications, les sources d’informations et les ressources intéressantes que j’utilise et que je recommande.

A bientôt,

* Android n’est qu’un prétexte et un fil conducteur pour explorer de nombreux autres sujets de développement !
** J’utiliserai probablement (***) l’anglais pour traiter de certains sujets techniques étant donné que c’est la langue dans laquelle se font tous les échanges sur les forums techniques que je fréquente occasionnellement

*** Finalement je bascule le blog entièrement en anglais en passant à WordPress 3.3.1 (le 07/04/2011)

**** J’ai finalement détaillé mes objectifs pour ce Blog (en anglais) qui peuvent vous permettre de mieux comprendre ce que vous pourriez en attendre.